Christmas Decorating Tips In A Smaller Apartment

This Post is From THE CALIFORNIAN APARTMENTS Making Grown Up Life Simple - We’ve simplified your life by giving you an apartment that includes all your bills with rent, now let’s tackle something else. Enjoy these awesome Christmas Decorating Tips for a Smaller Apartment


Create a bit of magic in your home by hanging your ornaments form the ceiling. Start with fishing line and clear push pins. Add ornaments to the fishing line after you attach the fishing line to the ceiling with clear push pins You can stick to one color of ornament or mix it up - whatever works with your decorating style!


This tree is great for offices and can be used to count down the days of Christmas, hold well wishes, or symbolize opportunities for volunteering or charity work. It can lend the effect that you have a very large Noble Fir Tree in your living room without it actually occupying the space.


Take a stroll through a local park and find a variety of tree branches - the straighter the branch or twig the better. When you get back to your apartment arrange your treasures in order from smallest to larges and hang them on your wall. Add lights and ornaments for extra romance

Tree of Cups:

Head to your local store and purchase three sizes of plastic or Styrofoam cups. You can then attach these cups to the wall with push pins or command strips. If you want to store your tree for next year you can pin or glue your cups to a sheet of canvas. Enjoy filling each cup with colorful and mix matched ornaments.

THE $1,000 TREE:

Let's put those college books from this last semester to good use and build the most expensive tree you'll even own! Wrap your book tree with some large bulb lights and your decorating is complete!


Get your hipster hat on and join the "Palate Craze". Grab a palate from your local grocery store (get permission, of course) and have one of your handy friends cut out a triangle. You can fill the space with lights or paint the excess wood and use that as your tree instead!


A Christmas tree, minus the tree. Think of anything you may put on a tree: lights, garland, and ornaments. Create a zig-zag line on your wall with garland and lights and add ornaments. How Lovely and simple!


You are already investing a good chunk of change in wrapping paper for concealing your loved one's gifts. Might as well use those extra scraps of colorful paper to create some Christmas Joy in your home. Roll wrapping paper back to it' original form and tape in in place before attaching it to your wall. Add over-sized buttons for an ornament effect.


If you do not have many ornaments to decorate your tree invite a few friends over for some egg nog and a viewing of the fan favorite movie “ELF” and ask them to bring one ornament as a donation to your tree.

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And Happy Simple “Decking of the Halls”

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