New Years Resolutions for SFA Students in Nacogdoches, TX


We’ve simplified your life by giving you an apartment that includes all your bills with rent, now let’s tackle something else.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS for SFA Students in Nacogdoches


What is it about that phrase that sounds ridiculous?

It is due to the automatic clichés that pop into our heads “loose weight, be healthy, save money” or is it the realization that our “resolutions” from last year are still not complete?

Of course you can always have goals to live a healthier life – diet, exercise, save money blah blah blah, but the point of these resolutions is to grow as a person.

Here is my attempt to change your perspective on setting resolutions for 2016:


  1. Stop calling them resolutions and start thinking of them as goals or check points.
  2. Set realistic mile stones - this is not a five-year plan, it is a ONE-year plan.
  3. Set your mind on where you'd like to see yourself in December of 2016 and the type of stories you'd like to share with your family when they ask you for an update on your life.
  4. Have fun and make memories.


Make ONE plan for each of the following, you will discover a journey of adventure and growth when you look back on the year next December.

  1. Travel Plan: Step out of your normal surroundings and GO somewhere, have experiences, make memories.

    1. Pick one place at least 4 hours away from where you live that you would like to visit – start with state capitals to get the ideas flowing.
    2. Set a Date and make a mental plan to take a three day weekend and discover this place – even if you go by yourself.
    3. Invite friends. Make sure to invite them AFTER you decide on the date and place. People are more likely to go along with a plan when it is decided for them as oppose to when they are a part of the decision making process.
    4. Call and make a reservation – it does not cost a thing to make a reservation and if an emergency happens and you have to reschedule, you can. A reservation makes the plans real.

(Complete This Step Before August 31st)

  1. Explore Your Home Town: Very often the place we live is the place when know too little about. What makes your town interesting? Go visit the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in your town and ask them for ideas. Pick at least one place to visit that you’ve never been to before; a museum, a shop, a park – one place minimum.

    Complete This Step Before June 15th)

  1. New Skill: Decide on one thing that you would like to have more knowledge about before the Holidays in 2016. Here are some ideas:

    1. Learn how to bake an amazing dessert
    2. Learn how to play a well-known song on an instrument
    3. Name all the presidents in a row
    4. Memorize a bible verse (or two)
    5. Scrape book your Instagram photos
    6. Learn how to play golf or tennis – or a sport you don’t know

(Complete This Step Before November 15th)

  1. Give Back: Let your annual resolution include a way of affecting someone else in a positive way.

    1. Volunteer at the animal shelter
    2. Visit a retirement home and play a board game with
    3. Donate your unused clothes to Goodwill
    4. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army during the holiday season
    5. Decide on a weekly contribution for your church

(Complete This Step Before December 31st)



You do not have to accomplish everything overnight, but you should make the plans now.

  1. Put reminders in your phone calendar on the 15th of each month. All it needs to say is “Have you done anything new this month?” and it will remind you of your goals.
  2. Physically write down your goals and store them somewhere. Keep the list in your phone, pin them on a wall, or write a blog.
  3. REMEMBER you do not need to share this list with anyone – in fact I encourage you to keep it private. This list is to ensure that you make the most out of your year and that you look back on it with a sense of adventure and pride. It is not designed for others to hold you accountable.